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Since 1985, we have been devoted to providing our clients with personalised attention and expert advice. We aim to fairly evaluate each case on an individual basis and strive to provide our clients with the best path possible. From trusts and estates to divorce litigation, we are well-versed in all areas of the law and you will receive the professional legal guidance you deserve.


Our Practice Areas

Divorce matters

Civil & Criminal Litigation

Business & Transactions

Motor Vehicle & Accident Claims

Real Estate

Healthcare Law

Labour Law & Workplace Malpractice

Trusts & Estates


Client Testimonials

After months of pain and discomfort due to a botched surgery, I hired John Smith & Associates to take my case. They fought on my behalf in the High Court against noteworthy practitioners and won. I am forever grateful and very pleased with the outcome of the settlement. Thank you!

Helena Mommen

I instructed John Smith & Associates to assist me in bringing an application in the High Court to amend certain parliamentary rules to enable private members of parliament who are not members of the ruling party to introduce private members bills. We eventually won in the Constitutional Court which was a great success.

Dr. Mario Ambrosini


Our Lawyers

John Smith

John Smith is the owner of John Smith & Associates and has the right to appear in the High Courts of South Africa.

Albert de Necker

Albert has specializes in criminal law and acts as a junior associate for the firm.

We pledge

To fight for right and justice when the need and cause arises and to face life with a quiet strength, whatever our duty should be.

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